New Year, Same Hobbies

Both of my parents are very creative and use different forms of art to express themselves! I feel very lucky to have grown up in a home where creativity was so present. From watching my dad create music, beautiful plates of food, and gorgeous pieces of stone from flint knapping to my mom's use of … Continue reading New Year, Same Hobbies


Charlie Turns Two

For 2018 I made a list of goals. Goals might not actually be any different than resolutions, but I'm a big fan of making big and small goals. One of my goals for 2018 was to write one blog post a week, even if it's a small post. So here we go! Today, January 7th, … Continue reading Charlie Turns Two

It’s Fall Y’all

  I LOVE Fall fashion, and by default then I love fall weather. I wouldn't describe myself as a lover of rain, but temperatures below 65, and still sunny get me very excited! Something about sweaters, boots, and scarves just gets me smiling like a goof ball! Last year I decorated my whole apartment, hosted … Continue reading It’s Fall Y’all